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Pool Inspections and Pool Fence Certificates across Cairns

Some pool inspection companies will try and charge you more, much more. They will try and give you various excuses to justify why they charge 50%, 70% even 100% more to inspect your pool but the simple truth is they are just right out over charging.

We have invested heavily in technology to speed up how long it takes to do an inspection which of course means better value for our clients. You shouldn't have to pay more because your inspector takes twice as long to use a pen and paper.

Couple this with our extensive experience which allows us to identify issues quickly and more importantly provide our clients with the best advice on all their options right then and there.


Don't get stuck paying a premium for inefficiency and inexperience!     


Desc. - Full inspection of the pool enclosure resulting in the issuing of a pool safety certificate or non compliance form at conclusion.

Why - Commonly required for property sales, rental properties, holiday houses & body corporate complexes.

The price includes re-inspection if required!



Desc. - Full inspection of the pool enclosure resulting in a report including photographs & recommendations on any issues or potential modifications.

Why - Very popular for people wanting to landscape & renovate their back yard or want to move their existing pool fencing.



Desc. - The Qld Govt. pool safety certificate fee for 2020/21 FY.



Desc. - Heavy duty plastic or aluminium 600x350 CPR sign in the current design to be compliant to the new changes in January 2017.



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